Science Briefs

Our Science Briefs and accompanying videos are concise summaries of our peer-reviewed research.

Barriers to Compliance:

Dr. Hekia Bodwitch, who conducted one of the first known survey of cannabis production practices in California, shares her findings on the barriers to compliance that cannabis cultivators face.

Water use in Cannabis Agriculture:

Water Use scientist Dr. Ted Grantham shares his research on trends in water use and the environmental impacts of cannabis agriculture.

Land use in cannabis Agriculture:

Land Use scientist Dr. Van Butsic shares his research on the unique characteristics of outdoor cannabis farms in California.

Cannabis Agriculture 101:

Eric Bieber, Professor at Berkeley Law, talks about the big picture for cannabis growers considering the overlapping laws, regulatory structures and bureaucracy that intersect with the legalization of cannabis cultivation.

Environmental Impacts:

How does wildlife respond to outdoor cannabis farms?

PhD candidate Phoebe Parker- Shames shares data showing the wildlife response to marijuana cultivation in the Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion of Oregon.