Policy Findings & Recommendations Regarding California Cannabis: Farming, Regulation and the Environment
Polson, M., Butsic, V., Dillis, C., de Genova, H., Grantham, T., Herrera, L.R., Hossack, J., Laudati, A., Martin, J.V., Parker-Shames, P., Petersen-Rockney, M., Sorgen, J., Starrs, G.
This report presents multiple pathways for consideration by state and local governments in their efforts to improve cannabis cultivation policy.

We convened to develop this paper at a critical moment for cannabis regulation and markets in California. Cannabis producers, the ecologies and communities with which they are entwined are under enormous pressures: wholesale prices have crashed, farms are failing, and local regulatory systems are struggling, among myriad other challenges. The policy options contained in our report span authorities: some would require legislative action, some could be pursued through state regulation or local ordinances, and some may even require a ballot initiative. The determination of these matters and any changes to state or local cannabis laws would depend on the legalities of each policy issue. We encourage feedback from anyone who reads this and has perspectives on cannabis policy. We hope to update this document on a semi-regular basis and will consider all feedback in doing so.