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NEW! Water Use: Cannabis in Context

After reviewing data from Humboldt and Mendocino County watersheds, researchers find that keeping cannabis farms in the licensed market is key for preventing impacts to streams.

Cannabis Agriculture 101

Is cannabis legal to grow and sell? How is it grown? How widespread are farms and facilities? Explore the facts of California cannabis agriculture and regulation.

Outcomes of Local Cannabis Cultivation Bans on California Communities

Local commercial cannabis cultivation bans add administrative cost and lead to economic and social inequities.

Variation in Local-level Cannabis Cultivation Bans in California

Proposition 64 granted California localities (cities and counties) the ability to ban commercial cannabis cultivation. Now over two-thirds of local jurisdictions have banned cultivation.

Environmental Impacts of Local Cannabis Cultivation Bans

Cultivation bans do not stop cultivation or environmental consequences of farming, and may worsen them.

Cannabis Agriculture and Wildlife

Explore how cannabis cultivation can threaten wildlife, what growing practices can reduce impacts near sensitive habitat, and what we still need to learn.

Land Use in Cannabis Agriculture

Explore the location of California's cannabis farms and the environmental impacts of land use decisions in cannabis growing regions.

Barriers to Compliance

We surveyed California's cannabis farmers to understand their decisions to comply with the state's licensing initiative. Explore our 2019 results to learn specific barriers to compliance.

Water Use in Cannabis Agriculture

Explore the sources, timing and uses of water in cannabis agriculture and the impacts of water extraction on creeks, streams and freshwater habitat.

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